Earth Culture Roots

The Client:

When Charles Lawrence approached us in October of 2015, he was a local business owner with a "brick and mortar" shop in downtown Oceanside, CA.  He possessed a vibrant shop full of authentic, Jamaican merchandise, sold at reasonable prices, but the thing that really drew people to his shop was his friendliness and charity.  His catalog showed more than 3000 products, with different sizes/colors/styles, and growing.

The Problem:

As so many successful business owners, Charles spent more time focusing on his business model than his website, which was a 10 year old  site created with a clumsy and inefficient software called "ShopSite".  His site was difficult to navigate, difficult to manage, slow, and expensive to maintain monthly.  What he needed was something that would simplify his site, make it run faster, and allow him to do the bulk of the maintenance himself.

The Solution:

Using the popular software WordPress, I was able to import each and every one of his 3000+ products and even simplify his catalog dramatically by combining multiple variations (colors, sizes, scents of oil, etc.) into single products with multiple options.

Each of his products had the ability to have multiple variations and pricing options, to include customizable shipping options and an interactive gallery of images.  You could also see different example images based on what options you chose.

To enhance the website's ability to communicate Charles' passion for Jamaican culture, we also included some custom-designed images on the home page with quotes from prominent cultural figures, a variety of informational blog posts, and even some recipes for food from his homeland.

The Result:

The site was so massively successful, that Charles eventually closed up his shop in downtown Oceanside and went to a completely online shopping experience.  He is able to add products to his own site, interact with clients and wholesalers, and easily ship items to clients all over the world.

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