Why I’m not scared of WordPress

You would think that WordPress would scare even the most seasoned web designer.  A content management system (CMS) that allows the customer to manage posts, create pages and even change the style of the site with a click of a button?  You'd think that this would be the end of professional web designers as we know it.

Actually, the opposite is true.  In an era where the web is getting easier and easier to access, the interface you use for the web is getting progressively more complex.  There are different scrolling graphic techniques to create the illusion of depth, there are different styles of navigation, there are different ways of designing to best fit on mobile media... it's still a complicated digital world that requires the hand of a trained professional.

WordPress, to me as a web designer, opens up many new doors, instead of closing them.  It allows me to attract many new clients with the slick and easily-navigated interface, the multiple design options, the responsive design and the unbeatable search engine optimization.  It allows me to reach out to companies who wouldn't normally have created a website for fear that they wouldn't be able to have any hand in maintaining it.

There is a whole world of coding behind WordPress that absolutely can't be ignored, and that's where professional HTML/CSS/PHP/JS training comes into play.  Where the customer's ability to maintain the website stops, my ability to troubleshoot and customize starts.  It's an exciting blend that allows me to work with the customer and not just for the customer.

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