EC Digital Arts Media Academy

El Camino High School's Digital Arts Media Academy is a series of career technical education (CTE) classes that focus on digital media arts.  The program features graphic design (marketing and advertising through images that have been digitally produced and enhanced), web design (production of online content aimed at selling or promoting products or services), and video game design (creation/animation of three-dimensional objects and 2d/3d games).

Grading policy:

Each assignment has clear expectations and a defined due date.  If the student does not turn in the assignment by that date, the highest possible grade that you could get on that assignment goes down one letter grade (10%) each business day.  If a student has excused absences for days that we worked on the project in class, they have that many days to make up the assignment with no penalty.

If you are missing an assignment and believe that you already completed it, it is your responsibility to contact me via email ( to get that fixed.

 Google Classroom:

Google-Classroom-Logo1Google classroom is a useful tool for organizing your classes, viewing your assignments, interacting with each other and the teacher and turning in your work digitally.  The district gives you unlimited space on their Google Drive but that goes away after your senior year.  At that time, you'll need to find a way to migrate your information to your own Google Drive if you want to keep it.

This is the process for working with Google Classroom:

  1. Make sure you're logged in to your school Google Drive.
  2. Click on the green Google Classroom icon above or click here
  3. Sign in, using your school email (your permanent ID plus "")
  4. Your password is your eight-digit birthdate
  5. Sign up for classes using the codes I give you
  6. Use this portal to view, complete and turn in assignments

Note: If you don't plan on checking your district email (, you should set it up so those emails forward to your personal account.  For more info on that, go to this link and follow the instructions on "how to forward all new emails".

Schedule for Web Design:

(year-to-date schedule here, district schedule here, calendar for 4th)

9/9: Talk about quiz, quick review about HTML and CSS.  Return to the site, start working on three sections on home page.   Create three sections: tour, shop, classes.  Each with a picture.

9/10: Individual help, finish up three sections.  You should have six pages (home, about, tour, shop, classes, contact) by the end of this week.  Just set them up as "skeleton" frame, to be added to later.

9/11: Create full-width section at the bottom, going to the "about" page.  This should include an image and a button.

9/12: Finish home page, tutorials as needed.

9/13: Quiz over div's, float, clear, responsive, and home page structure.  Screenshot of site for a grade.


Schedule for Graphic Design:

(year-to-date schedule here, district schedule here, calendar for 1st/5th/6th)

9/9: Work on painting ballerina.  Remember, it's subtle, slow and soft.  You can't make any sudden movements with this one.  Work with opacity and stay inside the lines.

9/10: Individual help, tutorials as needed.

9/11: Ballerina picture due as JPG by end of period.  Want to take it to the next level?  Try putting it in a frame or make it seem like it's in a frame on a desk.  Takes more effort and motivation = higher grade!

9/12: Talk about "Name Shape" assignment.   This is going to be more advanced selecting; should be a fun assignment that will explore your skills and creativity.  Remember, don't use shapes that ARE letters, look for shapes that LOOK like letters.

9/13: Quiz on ballerina and artistic elements, continue Name Shape tutorial.

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Schedule for 3d Animation and Game Design:

(year-to-date schedule here, district schedule here, calendar for 3rd)

Link to trap we're working on

9/9: Finish up both sides of trap.  Learn how to use extrusion to make the grill on the far side.

9/10: Intro to Arnold material editor.  Overwhelming, I know.  Just play with it and it gets less daunting.

9/11: Continue to apply materials, make doors for top

9/12: Independent work, tutorials as needed.  Learn how to render with lights.

9/13: Quiz, render frame of trap for grade.