EC Digital Arts Media Academy

El Camino High School's Digital Arts Media Academy is a series of articulated* career technical education (CTE) classes that focuses on digital media arts.  The program features graphic design (marketing and advertising through images that have been digitally produced and enhanced), web design (production of online content aimed at selling or promoting products or services) and 3d design and animation (3-dimensional objects, stationary or animated, used to communicate an idea). *"Articulated" means that we teach many of the same items as the local community colleges teach.  If you receive a grade of "B" or better in my classes, you will get credit for taking that course at the community college.

Grading policy:

Each assignment has clear expectations and a defined due date.  If the student does not turn in the assignment by that date, the highest possible grade that you could get on that assignment goes down one letter grade each business day.  If a student has excused absences for days that we worked on the project in class, they have that many days to make up the assignment with no penalty.

 Google Classroom:

Google-Classroom-Logo1Google classroom is a useful tool for organizing your classes, viewing your assignments, interacting with each other and the teacher and turning in your work digitally.  The district gives you unlimited space on their Google Drive but that goes away after your senior year.  At that time, you'll need to find a way to migrate your information to your own Google Drive if you want to keep it.

This is the process for working with Google Classroom:

  1. Make sure you're logged in to your school Google Drive.
  2. Click on the green Google Classroom icon above or click here
  3. Sign in, using your school email (your permanent ID plus "")
  4. Your password is your eight digit birthdate
  5. Sign up for classes using the codes I give you
  6. Use this portal to view, complete and turn in assignment.
  7. Make sure that you right-click on your Drive, create a new folder with your period number, your last name and your first initial.  After you create that, right-click on it and click "share" to share with me:
  8. When you are ready to turn in your assignment, you simply save it to your district Google Drive in the folder you created in #7 and I'll immediately see it.  If I don't see it in that folder, I'll have to assume it hasn't been turned in yet.

Note: If you don't plan on checking your district email (, you should set it up so those emails forward to your personal account.  For more info on that, go to this link and follow the instructions on "how to forward all new emails".

Designer List Resource

Schedule for Graphic Design:

(year-to-date schedule here, district schedule here)

5/30: Start tutorial on dispersion effect.  Important part is picking the right picture.  Start with one with a consistent background so when you isolate the picture it looks clean.  Learn about content-aware delete.

5/31: Copy picture multiple times and distort.  Create a custom brush and begin altering picture.

6/1: Tutorial due as a JPG

6/2: Website portfolio due, fully functional, for grade.  Last day to submit any assignments.

Enter your web address here


Remaining weeks:

  • 5/22: Work on, and add to portfolio
  • 5/29: Memorial Day on Monday, Portfolio due on Friday
  • 5/5: Finals week

Schedule for Web Design:

(year-to-date schedule here, district schedule here)

Here's info about the final.  Review checklist if needed!  Compensation information here.  Links to Lucia and RMHR

As soon as people pay me, I'll get going on the wishlists.  I will purchase all the things your account can afford.  Your disbursement is based on student opinion (with my input) and is final.

You should have your site's home page on this spreadsheet.  This is how your progress will be graded each Friday.

5/30: "Monday" meeting, any clients visiting? More work on Area 86, figure out nav bar

5/31: Clients?  If not, independent work.  Should be done with site, just fine-tuning

6/1: Clients? Talk about tutorial bank and how you're going to transition site to client

6/2: Website for client due, fully functioning, for grade.  Last day to submit any assignments.


Remaining weeks:

  • 5/22: Should be done with structure and content by Friday
  • 5/29: Memorial Day on Monday, presentations to businesses for extra credit
  • 5/5: Finals week

Schedule for 3D Design and Animation:

(year-to-date schedule here, district schedule here)

5/30: Talk about how game needs to be submitted (standalone).  This is different than how we have done it in the past, but the newer version of Unity doesn't support web streaming.  EVERY game gets saved up today, just to show me you can do this.

5/31: Independent work, tutorials as needed

6/1: Final troubleshooting, publish game, upload (if you wait until the last minute to upload, there might be a "traffic jam")

6/2: Game due, fully functioning, for grade.  Last day to submit any assignments.


Remaining weeks:

  • 5/15: Work on start and ending navigation
  • 5/22: Game should be finished by this Friday
  • 5/29: Memorial Day on Monday, publish game, game due on Thursday, test on Friday
  • 5/5: Finals week