Website Maintenance

When you want your website to consistently work and be safe from all attacks, you need a professional who will watch your back 24/7.


  • Broken links scan every 2 mo.
  • Website code update every 2 mo.
  • Update plugins* every 2 mo.
  • Full site/database backup every 2 mo.
  • Email/Text support: 1 hr/mo, 48 hr turnaround
  • Virus/Malware scan every 3 mo.
  • Other maintenance billed hourly
  • Covers one site


  • Broken links scan every 3 weeks
  • Website code update every 3 weeks
  • Update plugins* every 3 weeks
  • Full site/database backup every 3 weeks (offsite, adds security)
  • Keyword report annually
  • Traffic analysis quarterly
  • Search Engine Optimization report annually
  • Email/Text support: 2 hr/mo, 24 hr turnaround
  • Virus/Malware scan monthly
  • Maintenance: 3 minor fixes included
  • Covers two sites under same customer


  • Broken links scan weekly
  • Website code updated weekly (or as needed)
  • Plugins* updated weekly (or as needed)
  • Full site/database backup weekly (offsite, adds security)
  • Keyword report quarterly
  • Traffic analysis monthly
  • Search Engine Optimization report quarterly
  • Email/Text support: 3 hr/mo, 8 hr turnaround
  • Virus/Malware scan weekly (or as needed)
  • Maintenance: 5 minor fixes included
  • Covers three sites under same customer


  • If you are not completely satisfied with your maintenance plan, please notify us via email or text message and we will attempt to rectify the situation.
  • While all attempts to better your search engine ranking will be pursued, a maintenance plan is not a guarantee of preferential ranking position.
  • Your membership will be automatically renewed at the end of your contract unless you tell us to do otherwise.
  • If your membership does not renew due to a payment issue or you choose to cancel, when you start up the membership again, the current price applies.

*Wordpress site

Benefits of Website Maintenance

Though it might not be immediately evident, hiring us to maintain your website actually saves you money!

Virus/Malware free

Your site is constantly under attack and you don't even realize it.  We'll keep it clean and safe.

Virtually no "down-time"

Catching problems even before you see them will ensure your site is consistently up and functioning.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting your site is the key.  Getting search engines to easily crawl your site is our speciality.