Why is it that everyone wants to be on top of the Google page but no one wants to put in the work?  Why are there so many companies that are popping up these days, offering a top-spot placement with virtually no effort (but a significant price tag)?  Why are people frustrated with the way their website is found but they never change it?

Search Engine Optimization is DIFFICULT, that's why.

It's not a "silver bullet".  It's not a "one time" fix that never has to be updated.  It's not an exact science.  As a matter of fact, the algorithm that Google uses to place people on their search page is more heavily guarded than most governmental military secrets.  No joke.  Best we can do is look for trends, compare them with what Google has done in the past, and just try things.  After we try things, we measure the results, adjust and then try something else.

SEO is an ongoing, inexact science that's made up of constant changing, tinkering and altering based on clean web design practices and designing a site that's going to be visited over and over again.  You need to create content that is constantly updated, well-linked, interesting, customer-centered and full of useful information.  Most importantly, you need to update your site and its accompanying social media outlets frequently (at least once every couple of weeks, preferably weekly or even daily).

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