If you're at all familiar with web hosting, it's a necessary step to creating your website online.  You HAVE to have web hosting (unless you want random people from all over the world snooping on YOUR computer to view your site... didn't think so...) and you HAVE to have a domain name (something to "point" at it).  However, most people think that for each website you put up, you need to get another hosting account.

That's just not so, says the man at the keyboard!

When you sign up for hosting at my site, you not only get a top-notch product backed up by 24/7 USA-based support (no outsourcing here!) but you can also sign up for our "deluxe" hosting and then add as many domains (websites) as you want.  Pretty good deal, considering that the other companies charge about the same price for ONE website.

Something to think about!