Do you really NEED a website?  Doesn’t conventional advertising still work?  What about the Yellow Pages?  That’s how I looked for stuff when I was a kid…

I hope that, since you are at a web designer’s site, you can see what answer is coming.  If you don’t have a website, especially in today’s fast-paced and tech-savvy world, you’re invisible!

Conventional advertising doesn’t work.  When was the last time you took a flyer that you were handed on the street or that was dropped off on your doorstep and thought, “hmmm… I think I’ll give these chaps a call”?  It never happens.  The situation usually goes something like this: you make a new contact, you share a little information and they ask for either your email or your website.  Most of the time, they ask for both!  It’s just more convenient for people to go home and, on their own time, look you up to find out how you can be of use to them.

I’m sorry, Mr. Yellow pages.  You can stop dropping off your 3000 page “paperweight” at my doorstep.  It only gets used on camping trips to start the bonfire.  No one, I repeat NO ONE uses the Yellow Pages anymore.  They look online, they look on their phone, they call information, but NO ONE uses the phone book.

How much is visibility worth for you?  I promise you, the amount of business you’re going to get even out of a simple, three page (home, services, contact me) website will FAR outweigh the cost of creating it, let alone the cost you’ll pay in lost business for NOT creating it!

Give me a call on my direct line any time and let me know where you want to take your business.  The consultation is free, the advice is free, the proposal is free…  What have you got to lose?