Now's the time of year when people look forward to what they hope to achieve in the coming months and also reminisce about what the last year was all about.  Businesses come to me for advice on what they can do to make their advertising dollars go farther, and the answer is always clear: invest your money in a well-made, well-optimized, attractive website.

People look at your website they way they used to look at your Yellow Page ad: if you've invested time, thought and money in it, that means you care about your business and care about your customers.  If you have a website that's thrown together as an afterthought, you are actually actively chasing people away.  You have about three seconds from the time someone enters your website until they determine whether you are a legitimate business or not.  Think about that... three seconds!  It takes me that longer than that to tie my shoes and people are deciding whether to invest their hard-earned money in my product!

Invest your advertising dollars where they will make the most difference for you.  Have an attractive, interactive website created and optimized and watch your profit grow!