I had always just deleted newsletters.  To me, they were just a way for someone to thrust their ideas in front of you and hopefully get your attention if only for a split second.  For the most part, that was true: people copy/paste a bunch of nonsense text from a variety of different (more interesting) websites and try and pass it off as their own.  Rarely did the newsletter have any meaning, use or entertainment value.

I tried something different when I wrote my most recent newsletter.  I thought:

1. People want to be treated with respect.  Their time is valuable.  List the things you have to say, up front, and then talk about only those things.  People don't want to read junk, they want something that's useful.

2. People want something they can use.  What use is a newsletter if it doesn't tell you anything you didn't know already?  It should be useful, insightful, full of "ah-hah's" and should serve as a resource for future questions.

3. People want something that's easy to read.  Spice it up with pictures, humorous text, succinct details and maybe even a free gift thrown in just for spice.

I hope all my customers enjoyed their most recent newsletter, and give me a call or email me if you have any suggestions.