What do you want your website to do?  Do you want it to be informative?  Entertaining?  Serious?  Funny?  Gross?  Professional?

One thing I've learned is that a website is simply a tool for selling something, whether it be an actual product or service, or just an idea.  Everyone is trying to sell something.  If your website doesn't properly communicate your passion and drive for "selling" what it is that you want to "sell", your "customer" (visitor) is left confused, lost and eager to click on to another site.

When I create websites, I strive to make sure the website is three things:

1. Informative:  I make sure that the website is worth visiting.  If people don't get something out of visiting your site, why would they go there and (more importantly) why would they come back?

2. Driven:  The customer must be pointed at a goal when at your website.  Even those cheesy sites with a bunch of mind-numbing games on them have a point.  They are trying to get you hooked on their games so that you'll stare at their advertisements!  No goal = lost customer

3. Constantly evolving:  your site must be changing/growing/evolving all the time.  Google and other web search engines look for this!  If your site is not growing, it's dying...

So, if you want to truly make your website work for you, contact us through the form on the "contact" page and we'll work up a no-obligation proposal for you same-day!  Thanks for checking us out!