I've tried posting a PDF to my blog before but I always just end up with a link instead of the actual image of the PDF.  I tried to figure out some way of taking the PDF to Photoshop, saving each page as a JPG and then putting those on my blog.  The only problem was that you face degradation of quality.

Here's a way to actually embed the PDF into the page of your blog using the popular WordPress IFrame plugin:

  1. Log in
  2. Go to media on the left and click on “add new”
  3. Click on “select files”, find the PDF, double-click on it
  4. It will say “crunching” and then say “edit”.  Click on edit.
  5. Highlight the “URL” to the right of your screen and copy it
  6. Go to the page that you want to put the PDF on (if you’re on the “live” site, you can look near the top of the page and click “edit page”)
  7. Click where you want to put the PDF, make sure you’re on the “visual” tab not the “text” tab.

Then, you need to get the code for the “viewer”:

  1. Go to https://docs.google.com/viewer
  2.  Where it is asking for the “document URL”, paste the address you copied on #5 above.  This will produce a series of new codes on the Google page.
  3. Copy the code where it says “for an embedded viewer, use this html tag instead”
  4. Paste that on your website page but replace the “<” with a “[“ and the “>” with a “]” and take off the part of the code at the end that says “</iframe>” 

Preview your page and when you’re happy with it, click “update”.  The customers will be able to view the PDF, zoom in on it, open it in a new window (from where they can print it), and scroll down through the pages.