In this “day and age” (geez, I’m starting to sound like an old man…), you can’t settle for a “good” website.  The Yellow Pages are dying along with the newspapers, and every business owner out there is starting to realize that the world is becoming increasingly digital.  The answer?  A GREAT website with your name and contact information all over it.

How are you going to make sure that your website is great and that it stands out above all the rest?  Here’s some quick tips to making sure people come to your website and get the message you want them to get:

1.  Make sure your website is useful.  If I see another website that is pitching travel, electronics or beauty products, I’m going to SCREAM!  Make sure your market is unique, or you’ll just blend in and disappear.

2.  Keep your visitors engaged from the beginning.  If everyone put all their information on the front of a brochure, why would you read the inside?  Same with your website.  Tease them with information to make them want to look around.

3.  Put up examples.  The first place a customer is going to go to is your “gallery” or “product” page.  They want to SEE what you KNOW.  They don’t want words, they want “pretty pictures”.

4.  Make contacting you easy.  Don’t just put a link for people to contact you, put in an easy-to-fill-out form.  People want to contact you easily and they want to hear from you quickly.

Efficiency is the key.  Take your idea, pare it down until it’s unique and “catchy”, pair it up with interesting text and images and then bring it to us to make it come alive.  In this age of the computer, it pays to get online!