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A “new” newsletter

I had always just deleted newsletters.  To me, they were just a way for someone to thrust their ideas in front of you and hopefully get your attention if only for a split second.  For the most part, that was true: people copy/paste a bunch of nonsense text from a variety of different (more interesting)…
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Mac or PC? Which is better for design?

There are a few key things you need to consider when purchasing a new computer and when you're trying to decide between buying a Mac or a PC: Graphics, Color & Typography When a designer goes to work, they're focused mostly on graphics, color and typography, so they need a computer that can do the…
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Have we forgotten about SEO?

Why is it that everyone wants to be on top of the Google page but no one wants to put in the work?  Why are there so many companies that are popping up these days, offering a top-spot placement with virtually no effort (but a significant price tag)?  Why are people frustrated with the way…
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Your site needs to be visible!

More trends showing up this year are mobile-friendly websites and more video presenting your information.  I'm also seeing much more animations/graphics that are activated by people scrolling down the page.  People like interactive websites, because they're easy and much more attractive. Focus on Mobile Responsive Web Design was another big trend in 2013 and now…
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What is “responsive” web design?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a term that refers to a website that is code so that it looks a certain way on your desktop computer and "magically" adjusts its navigation and format to look great on mobile devices.  A great example is a new website I'm working on for Morgann Hill Designs.  View this…
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Multiple sites, one hosting account?

If you're at all familiar with web hosting, it's a necessary step to creating your website online.  You HAVE to have web hosting (unless you want random people from all over the world snooping on YOUR computer to view your site... didn't think so...) and you HAVE to have a domain name (something to "point"…
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